Happy Birthday Chanell Heart

Happy Birthday Chanell Heart

Owner Gets Clipped – Starring Yasmine de Leon

Owner Gets Clipped

Owner Gets Clipped

Owner Gets Clipped

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Black Heat 2 DVD Release

Black Heat 2 DVD - Starring Yasmine de Leon

Farthest thing from perfect

Yesterday’s shoot with Lily Cade



A sexy video just for you xoxo


Sorry I haven’t had the chance to interact with you all. You now have my full attention. I made a sexy video to make up for my absence.

Yasmine de Leon – Black Lesbian Strap On Dolls

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Yasmine de Leon – Black Lesbian Strap On Dolls

Yasmine de leon – Big Black Cock Slut

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Yasmine de Leon – Big White Cock BJ

Yasmine de Leon

Yasmine de Leon Geek Visit

Yasmine de LeonThis computer geek came over to fix my webcam and to my surprise it wasn’t broken it just wasn’t plugged in… So I guess I was having a blonde moment. I noticed the entire time he was working he was starring at me and realized that I looked familiar to him so he he asked if I was the porn star Yasmine de Leon and I said yes. So I gave him a big tip for all the work he did for me and he gave me a big cock so I guess we are even… now its time for me to do my webcam show for my fans… YasminedeLeon.com